Dramaturgs can have many different functions and roles, and there is no right way to be a dramaturg. Dramaturgs are often thought as research assistants for productions, or what can be referred to as “Google Dramaturgs” — performing searches that can now easily be done online — but they can do much more. Among other things, a dramaturg can help look at a play and discuss characters and their arcs, plot points, thematic use, structural issues, who the audience may be for your show, and what their experience may be.

New play dramaturgs help develop shows and although they are not writers or directors they can have immense creative and artistic impact through their assistance.

Tools of the Trade

Lynn specializes in musical theatre dramaturgy (a specialty within a specialty), but is available for hire as a dramaturg for any production. Feel free to contact her. In addition to the many different theatrical roles she does, she is also available for hire as a consultant if you have written a musical and don’t know what to do with it. Just email her.